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About us

We, Bird Netting Protect Solution are one of the esteemed and renowned bird net dealer in the city, dealing with varieties of bird nets. We pride ourselves on our customer service and on the personal attention we give to each order. Been in the market since many years we have held a strong base in Uttam Nagar, Delhi, . And as a result of it, we have lots of satisfied customers. We offer impeccable netting's with tremendously qualitative raw materials in order to optimally serve innumerable end applications.

Welcome to the Bird Netting Protect Solution. The BNPS is an online resource for anyone with a pigeon-related problem. All information and advice provided on this website will be geared towards completely solving pigeon control problems by the use of humane and non-lethal control methods.

The Bird Netting Protect Solution is commercially sponsored and helps fund its activities through its online shop. The BNPS stated aim is to empower the general public to make informed choices where the issue of pigeon control is concerned as well as providing the industry itself with a resource that will result in the public being offered a more appropriate menu of Birds control options.